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candy pop strain

candy pop strain



candy pop strain

candy pop strain, Gas Cake is a somewhat indica predominant half and half strain (60% indica/40% sativa)

made through crossing the tasty High power and Wilderness Cake strains. Named for its VIP legacy and

delightful flavor, Gas Cake is an extraordinary decision for any mixture darling who values a light indica


candy pop strain review

Like its name recommends, Gas Cake has a sweet and rich vanilla cake flavor with a punch of sweet diesel

and gas to it, as well. The smell is similarly as delightful, with a gassy diesel suggestion highlighted by new

sweet vanilla cake and velvety berries.

candy pops strain

The Gas Cake high is similarly as flavorful, with cheerful and lifted suggestions that will make them feel

euphoric from head to toe. You’ll feel lifted with a loosening up sense that has both brain and body sunk into

a condition of unadulterated straightforwardness. At times, this can act as a sedative, making you sleepy

and falling asleep quickly.

candy pop weed strain

In mix with its high 20% + normal THC level, these impacts pursue Gas Cake an extraordinary decision for

treating conditions like sleep deprivation, hunger misfortune or queasiness, gloom and ongoing pressure.

This bud has feathery and thick popcorn-formed woodland green nugs with purple suggestions, slight

orange hairs and a covering of purple-colored white precious stone trichomes.

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