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Origin: India
‘DOnset Time: 30-60 mins
E®Duration: 4-6 hrs
Strength: Moderate Strength



albino Malabar mushroom, The Malabar Coast Mushroom or Malabar Mushroom begins from the Indian shore of Malabar.

These shrooms are productive fruiter and ready to fill in hotter environments.

MALABAR COAST MUSHROOM: Malabar coast mushroom

In the wild these albino malabar mushroom were found filling in elephant manure Our form is filled in natural grains.

Anticipate that Malabar Coast Mushroom should have a better-than-expected power.

The historical backdrop of enchantment mushrooms in Indian culture can be followed back to 1500 BC.

One of the four sacred texts in the Hindu and Zoroastrian traditions is the Rigveda. a reference to a substance called Soma.

Malabar coast mushrooms

In one reference it states: ” We have become immortal after drinking Soma; we have achieved the light, the Divine beings found.”

The specific strain and reference of the Soma has been lost over centuries since its utilization.

Numerous current researchers from thinking of speculations to make sense of its old past.


It takes a specialist eye and long periods of involvement to appropriately distinguish psilocybin mushrooms in the wild – so kindly never take any risks! Notwithstanding, assuming that you were investigating the western shores of India, and you went over mature Malabar Coast mushrooms, you would promptly see that they have an exceptionally unmistakable look, maybe dissimilar to anything you’ve seen previously.

Malabar magic mushrooms

In the wild, these mushrooms have almost level (plane covers with extraordinary shading.

The Malabar shrooms covers are with circuiting spots of white all through.

The stems are for the most part very lengthy at 150mm and show blue swelling.

Malabar mushroom strain

Microscopists or taxonomists will need to search for the properties that these spores have, for example, their purple tone and intriguing shape, which can make for good ID practice. Purchase Malabar Coast Mushroom in Europe at Sorcery Mushroom Shop
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malabar mushroom review

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