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glockies strain

glockies strain



glockies strain

Glookies is an intriguing marginally indica prevailing half and half strain (20% sativa/80% indica) made

through crossing the scandalous Young lady Scout Treats X Unique Paste (Otherwise known as – Gorilla

Paste #4) strains. Due to its seemingly flawless combination of effects from both of its parent strains, this

celebrity child is a favorite among both patients and breeders.

glockies strain

The high beginnings with a cerebral inundation of lifted inventiveness and inspiration, filling you with the

imaginative motivation that you want to take on any errand that you have within reach. This is joined by a

developing feeling of elation and joy that fills both brain and body with a warming impact without bringing on

any sedation or uneasiness. With these durable impacts and its decently high 15-19% typical THC level,

Glookies is supposed to be ideally suited for treating those experiencing constant agony, sleep deprivation,

PTSD, ongoing pressure or tension and ADD or ADHD.

Glookies strain helps with Anxiety

Glookies has a sweet nutty treat flavor with a chocolaty diesel hint that waits long after your last breathe out.

The smell is of natural diesel and sharp chocolate with a hot hint that strengthens as the nugs are fallen to

pieces and consumed. Glookies buds have adjusted brilliant neon green nugs with dim olive leaves, dainty

orange hairs and a covering of small golden gem trichomes.

Glookies strain flavors

Glookies is a mixture weed strain made by crossing Flimsy Mint with GG4. It is believed that Glookies have

uplifting and calming effects. Analysts on Leafly say Glookies causes them to feel giggly, loose, and hungry.

Glookies has 19% THC and 1% CBG. The prevailing terpene in Glookies is caryophyllene, with sweet, gritty

smell and nutty, zesty, and diesel-like flavor profile. Clinical pot patients say they frequently purchase this

strain during episodes of uneasiness and absence of craving. Barney’s Farm was the initial Glookie breeder.

glockies strain

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