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vanilla frosting strain

vanilla frosting strain


vanilla frosting strain


vanilla frosting strain

vanilla frosting strain, is a somewhat indica predominant half breed strain (65% indica/35% sativa) made

through crossing the notorious Humboldt Ice OG X Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains. With this bud, the name

says everything in the flavor division. vanilla frosting strain has a flavor strikingly like vanilla icing, with a

sweet and velvety taste that is emphasized by light rich florals. The fragrance is practically the same, in

spite of the fact that with traces of sharp spices and blossoms to it, as well. The Vanilla Icing high is similarly

pretty much as heavenly as the flavor, with cheerful and loosening up impacts that will enact the brain while

loosening up the body. You’ll feel a lift get comfortable at the beginning of the great, filling your psyche with

a feeling of blissful innovativeness and center that has you prepared to handle creative job needing to be


vanilla frost weed strain

A light actual unwinding goes with this cerebral lift, keeping you secured as your psyche flies ever

more elevated. With these durable impacts and its really high THC level that bottoms out at 25%, vanilla

frosting strainΒ is much of the time decided to treat those experiencing conditions like constant weakness, ADD or

ADHD, gloom, persistent pressure and cerebral pains or headaches. This bud has long grape-formed olive

green nugs with profound purple undercurrents, long dainty light golden hairs and a covering of chilly thick

white precious stone trichomes.

vanilla frost strain

Coming from Humboldt Seed Organization, Vanilla Icing is a cross of Humboldt Ice OG and Humboldt

Gelato Bx3. The aroma is creamy smooth, with notes of vanilla and a gassy finish, and the silvery green

flowers are accented by purple hints. Vanilla Icing is a high-power strain that will shoot you into space on a

funfetti experience.

vanilla frosting weed strain

Vanilla Icing is an Indica-prevailing inclining half and half marijuana strain that is reared by crossing the

hereditary qualities of Humboldt Ice and Humboldt Gelato. Commentators say this is an intense strain, with

a cerebral, inspiring beginning of impacts. Vanilla Icing’s loosening up high makes it an optimal strain for

those hoping to enjoy with pot, while as yet keeping up with center and mental capacities, as per faithful

aficionados of this strain.

frosted vanilla mints strain

Vanilla Frosting is known to produce large, airy, olive green buds that are covered in a thin layer of

trichomes and have sparse orange pistils when grown properly. Tearing open the buds of Vanilla Icing yields

an extraordinary, sweet, and botanical fragrance, with hot and vanilla-like connotations. Contingent upon the

utilization technique while enjoying the buds of Vanilla Icing, clients will encounter a sweet, smooth, vanilla

flavor, with a flower and somewhat hot trailing sensation.

Vanilla Frosting is frequently recommended by those who have tried it for treating symptoms like mild

fatigue, stress, and depression. Its THC content, which is known to arrive at levels of up to 22%,

consolidates with a decent blend of terpenes, including Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, and

Terpinolene. vanilla frosting strain

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