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daddy butter strain

daddy butter strain


daddy butter strain

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daddy butter strain

daddy butter strain, Margarine OG is a very interesting (and very flavorful) indica predominant crossover

also, strain with obscure parentage because of an elevated degree of reproducer mystery. It’s believed to be

a relative of OG Kush and another rich strain, albeit nothing can be sure. The kind of Spread OG is precisely

the way that it sounds – smooth and rich with an appley vanilla hint. On the breathe out this takes an insane

turn, turning sharp and synthetic and leaving you hacking. The aroma of Butter OG is also very rich and

creamy, but as the nugs are burned and smoked, it becomes fruity and chemical.

daddy butter strain

Inaddition, Spread OG buds have uneven popcorn-molded minty green nugs with orange hairs that are covered with a

thick cold layer of minuscule light golden gem trichomes. The Spread OG high is nearly essentially as

smooth as the flavor with a loosening up over tone that leaves you feeling happy and hungry. It hits you first

with a cheerful yet foggy lift that injects you with the inclination to snicker at everything under the sun that

you hear. You’ll feel talkative and active with no friendly tensions at all. In blend with its really strong 20% +

normal THC level, Spread OG is supposed to be ideal for treating constant agony, uneasiness,

despondency, and muscle fits.

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daddy butter strain

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