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rainbow sherbet 54 strain

rainbow sherbet 54 strain


rainbow sherbet 54 strain


rainbow sherbet 54 strain

rainbow sherbet 54 strain, RS54 is a pot strain that represents Rainbow Sherbert #54, otherwise known as ‘Studio 54′ for its glitz look, and delectable rainbow sherbert gas taste. The hybrid weed RS54 is extremely potent and high in THC. RS#54 comes from Oakland, CA raiser Deo Ranches. RS54 offers one of two branches for Deo’s vitally reproducing project, based off Biting the dust Breed Seeds’ OZ Kush. In particular, RS54 is the 54th plant from a cross of Nightfall Sherbert x Pink Guava. Wizard Braid delivered RS54 clones in California in 2022 to individual and business cultivators. RS11 is a sister strain. Deo Ranches continued to work RS#16 to make Zoap.

rainbow sherbet #54 strain

RS54, otherwise called “Rainbow Sherbet #54” or “Studio 54,” is an indica predominant half and half strain (70% indica/30% sativa) made through crossing the delectable Nightfall Sherbet X Pink Guava 54 strains. Named for its scrumptious flavor and dazzling appearance, RS54 is the ideal balanced indica to assist you with settling down following a long and memorable day when you truly need some R and R. This bud has a sweet and fruity tropical citrus flavor with traces of rich vanilla and a bit of nuttiness. The fragrance is basically the same, with a bundle of new fruity fragrances emphasized by tropical citrus, new vanilla and hearty nuttiness. The RS54 high isn’t exactly as lively, with alleviating impacts that are best for assisting you with kicking back rather than get going.

rainbow sherbet 54 strain connected

That being said, the beginning of the great is shockingly lively, filling your brain with a nearly dashing feeling of concentration and inspiration. Be that as it may, this impact will before long blur, taking a soothing turn and leaving you feeling foggy and unfocused yet absolutely cheerful. A relieving body high wraps everything up, assisting you with feeling loose from head to toe and liberated from any hurts or agonies. Joined with its really high 26-39% typical THC level, these impacts give RS54 an edge in treating persistent exhaustion, discouragement, constant agony, temperament swings, PMS or spasms and joint pain. This bud has thick and little dull olive green nugs with meager slender orange hairs and a thick drifting of dazzling blue-colored white precious stone trichomes.

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