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bored ape strain

bored ape strain


bored ape strain


bored ape strain

bored ape strain, Bored Ape is a hybrid strain that is 50/50 indica/sativa. It was created by crossing the well-

known Gorilla Glue #4 with another unknown hybrid strain. Named for the notable NFT assortment with a

sign of approval for its VIP parentage, Exhausted Primate is an incredible decision for any tolerant who’s

after some serious power behind their medication.

bored ape weed strain

The high comes on quick and hard, ramming into your cerebrum with a lifted cerebral sense that fills you

with unadulterated satisfaction and unparalleled elation. You’ll get a hazy sense that will make you feel a

little out of touch with reality and will make you giggle, laughing at everything in your path. A shivery actual

sense comes straightaway, dropping your body off into a condition of unadulterated unwinding that will not

be excessively calming or weighty.

bored ape gelato strain

Joined with its high 26-30% typical THC level, these impacts pursue Exhausted Chimp an incredible

decision for treating discouragement or emotional episodes, constant pressure or PTSD and Bipolar


The flavor of this bud is sweet and creamy, and the exhale has a pretty spicy woody pine flavor. The smell is

practically the same, with a natural and woody hint emphasized by fiery diesel and sweet spices. The nugs

of bored ape buds are dense and olive green, with dark amber hairs and chunky dark amber crystal

trichomes covering the nugs.

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