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is obama runtz a real strain


is obama runtz a real strain


is obama runtz a real strain

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa


is obama runtz a real strain

is obama runtz a real strain, Obama Runtz is an indica predominant mixture strain (70% indica/30% sativa)

made through a three-way cross of the powerful Afghani X OG Kush X Runtz strains. All named for its VIP

legacy, Obama Runtz packs the best of its parent strains into every single shivery little toke. The high has a

moment cerebral rush, crushing into your mind nearly when you breathe out with a surge of blissful

happiness. You’ll feel active and agreeable, prepared to visit with everybody around you. This is

accompanied by a physical tingle that is extremely calming and spreads throughout your body.

obama runtz strain

It calms your limbs and puts you into a deep, peaceful sleep. In blend with its high 14-18% typical THC

level, these relieving impacts pursue Obama Runtz an extraordinary decision for treating those experiencing

conditions, for example, gloom, constant pressure or nervousness, queasiness or hunger misfortune and

sleep deprivation or other rest conditions. The cherry berry flavor of this bud is sweet and fruity, and the

exhale is slightly woody. The fragrance is basically the same, with hints of rich extravagant earth and hot

spices, as well. Obama Runtz buds have long grape-formed brilliant neon green nugs with thick orange

hairs, profound purple hints and a covering of clear precious stone trichomes trickling with sweet tacky sap.

obama runtz weed strain

Runtz is a baffling strain of marijuana that has become well-known in street culture. Runtz is

not related to Obama Kush or Runtz. Bits of gossip about this strain began with a viral video starting in

Atlanta, GA. As of 2020.

obama runtz strain yield

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