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rainbows and cherries strain

rainbows and cherries strain


rainbows and cherries strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica



rainbows and cherries strain

Rainbows and Cherries is a crossover strain made by crossing Cherry Thai and Rainbow SS OG12. The

buds are dull green with a blend of gold, purple, and light green shades that are thickly stacked with a little

crunch to them12. The top terpenes are Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene, which give the strain

sweet, home grown, piney fragrances upon first smell and natural, pine, and wood flavors1. The strain might

give a surge of imagination and concentration.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Rainbow Treats is a uniformly adjusted half breed strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the

exemplary Dusk Sherbet X Creature Treats strains. Despite the fact that there are numerous assortments of

Rainbow Treats available, this is the most famous one. Known for its tasty flavor and stunning appearance,

Rainbow Treats is ideal for any mixture darling.

rainbow cherry strain

This bud has adjusted feathery olive green nugs with wonderful brilliant suggestions, heaps of slight

energetically red-orange hairs and a cold thick covering of brilliant golden precious stone trichomes. As you

pull separated each tacky little piece, smells of nutty earth and new natural products are delivered with a

sharp citrusy impact that escalates as the nugs are consumed with extreme heat. The flavor is of sweet

berries, sharp lemon and nutty grapes, all wrapped up with a bit of richness.

rainbow cherries strain

The Rainbow Treats high is comparably delectable, with unwinding and quieting impacts that are ideal for a

languid end of the week day when you need to unwind yet aren’t exactly prepared to nod off presently. You’ll

feel a lifted sense fill your psyche with an engaged contemplation, leaving you thinking profound

considerations about existence overall while carrying on significant discussions with people around you. A

quieting body high goes with this exciting lift, keeping you secured without causing a lot of sedation. In blend

with its high 21-22% typical THC level, these impacts give Rainbow Treats an edge in treating a sleeping

disorder, gloom, ADD or ADHD, headaches or cerebral pains and constant pressure.

cherry rainbow strain

Rainbows and Cherries is a sativa-predominant mixture weed strain produced using a hereditary hybrid of

Cherry Thai and Rainbow SS OG. This strain is 70% sativa and 30% indica. Rainbows and Cherries has an

uncommon and colorful heredity, as it is the main strain developed by Cresco Labs in Illinois. Rainbows and

Cherries is 18-22% THC, settling on this strain an optimal decision for experienced weed buyers. Leafly

clients let us know Rainbows and Cherries impacts incorporate inclination inventive, centered, and blissful.

Clinical cannabis patients frequently pick Rainbows and Cherries while managing side effects related with

pressure, torment, and sleep deprivation. Reared by Cresco Labs, Rainbows and Cherries highlights flavors

like sweet, home grown, pine, and wood.

rainbow and cherries strain

The prevailing terpene of this strain is caryophyllene, which adds to its unwinding and calming properties.

The typical cost of Rainbows and Cherries ordinarily goes from $10-$15 per gram. Rainbows and Cherries

is a scrumptiously fruity strain with thick, dull green buds that burst with vivid tones of gold, purple, and light

green. This strain is perfect for invigorating your psyche, improving your inventiveness, and partaking in an

ecstatic state of mind. In the event that you’ve smoked, touched, or consumed Rainbows and Cherries,

enlighten us concerning your experience by leaving a strain survey.

rainbows & cherries strain

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