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honey bun strain

honey bun strain


honey bun strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17% – 18%


honey bun strain

honey bun strain, otherwise called “Cookies Honey Bun,” is a uniformly adjusted mixture strain (half indica/half sativa)

made through crossing the delightful Gelatti X Honey B strains. Known for its delectable flavor and super stimulating high,

Honey Bun is the ideal bud for any cross breed sweetheart who values somewhat fun with their medication.

honey buns strain

This bud has a sweet and nutty elegant lavender and velvety bread flavor with a daintily zesty breathe out. The smell is

practically the same, despite the fact that with a skunky and gassy impact to it, as well. The Honey Bun high is similarly as

heavenly, with loosening up impacts that hit both psyche and body with an elevated degree of intensity. You’ll feel a lifted

sense hit you very quickly, helping the spirits and filling you with a cheerful feeling of quiet and simplicity.

honey bun weed strain

A shiver will start to work its direction all through your body, beginning toward the rear of the neck and head prior to

arriving at its way through your appendages and leaving you very stimulated. With these impacts and its high 17-18%

typical THC level, Honey Bun is in many cases decided to treat constant agony, a sleeping disorder, persistent pressure,

wretchedness and issues or muscle fits. This bud has fat heart-molded dim olive green nugs with meager orange hairs

and a covering of little chilly white precious stone trichomes.

honey bun cookies strain

Honey Bun is a strong crossover weed strain reared by Cookies.

view of its very sweet and delicious flavors. Smoking this strain will give you a quick high that is cheerful and elevating.

You’ll likewise encounter some shivering from this strain as it loosens up your body from head to toe.

honey buns cookies strain

The smooth and sweet flavor profile of Honey Bun tastes very much like a honey frosted doughnut and will leave you

needing more. Be that as it may, it’s critical to move slowly on the grounds that this strain is known to be extermely

powerful. Honey Bun buds are stunning with dazzling green and yellow tones highlighted by radiant orange hairs. Clinical

cannabis patients pick this strain to assist with alleviating side effects connected with tension and stress.

cookies honey bun strain

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