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sticky buns strain

sticky buns strain


sticky buns strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%


sticky buns strain

sticky buns strain is an equally adjusted half breed strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the sticky buns Mints X Gellati strains. Named for its really sticky buns strains and madly delightful flavor, sticky buns strain is one crossover that you need to attempt somewhere around once in your life.

sticky buns weed strain

This bud has breezy popcorn-formed woodland green nugs with rich golden feelings, slim orange hairs and a covering of cold little golden precious stone trichomes. As you pull separated each shining little chunk, fragrances of sweet and rich nuttiness are delivered with an eminent smidgen of vanilla and zesty cinnamon.

sticky bun strain

The flavor is similarly as heavenly, with a sweet vanilla suggestion that is hot and weighty upon breath out. The sticky buns strain high is comparably delightful, with loosening up impacts that will make them soar before you settle once more into the love seat for a long and quiet rest

cookies sticky buns strain

You’ll feel a surge of cerebral happiness hit you first, sending off you into a high-flying state that is loaded up with shivery energy and innovativeness. This energy won’t spread into your actual structure, yet rather will keep your brain enacted as your body subsides into a weighty lounge chair lock. With these durable impacts and its really high 20%+ typical THC level, sticky buns strain is many times decided to treat conditions like craving misfortune or sickness, headaches or cerebral pains, discouragement and persistent pressure.

sticky buns cookies strain

Tacky Buns is a mixture cannabis strain reared by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. sticky buns strain smells brilliant like velvety cinnamon and has a taste that is suggestive of new, sweet batter with traces of vanilla. The blend of the two outcomes in an unstable flavor profile that will leave you returning for more. The high you get from this strain is cerebral and may cause you to feel shivery and inventive.

cookies sticky buns strain price

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