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zour runtz strain

zour runtz strain


zour runtz strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa


zour runtz strain

zour runtz strain, is an indica prevailing half breed strain (70% indica/30% sativa) made through crossing the intense

Runtz X Sharp Diesel strains. Prepare yourself for an astounding flavor experience and high with this exquisite young lady

– with her strength level and heavenly taste, you’ll be Happy to the point bursting in a matter of seconds by any stretch of

the imagination.

black zour runtz strain

The high hits you with a gradual process, sneaking in before at long last grabbing hold. You’ll feel lifted with a feeling of

elation that in a flash pushes out any terrible temperaments or contemplations, supplanting them no sweat. A weighty

body high comes straightaway, working its direction into your appendages gradually before unexpectedly grabbing hold,

dropping you off into a strong actual stone.

zours strain runtz

Because of these impacts and its really high 30% + normal THC level, Sharp Runtz is ideally suited for treating different

circumstances including fibromyalgia, discouragement or emotional episodes, persistent agony and constant pressure or

nervousness. This bud has a sweet and sweet honey citrus flavor with bits of new tropical products of the soil berries. The

fragrance is of harsh berry sweets emphasized by zesty grittiness, impactful tropical foods grown from the ground

extravagant honey. Harsh Runtz buds have tightened feather-formed dusty green nugs with golden hints, slight orange

hairs and small, golden colored white precious stone trichomes.

zour runtz strain

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