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cherry pie og strain

cherry pie og strain


cherry pie og strain


cherry pie og strain

cherry pie og strain, folks are Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. With buds that are thick and loaded with orange hairs and

a dash of purple, this mixture strain scents of prepared cherry pie. weed shop analysts let us know that Cherry Pie’s

belongings incorporate inclination giggly, cheerful, and euphoric.

STRAIN Features


  • Blissful
  • .Giggly
  • .Elevated


Eyes that are dry, mouth that is dry, and paranoia

  • Stress
  • .Misery
  • .Nervousness
  • quieting
  • stimulating

cherry pie og strain effects

low THC and high THC: History and Genetics of Cherry Pie Cherry Pie, also known as Cherry Kush, is a well-known and

potent indica-leaning hybrid. This strain is a cross between flavor-stuffed indica Granddaddy Purple areas of strength for

and Durban Toxic substance, and it offers smokers probably the best qualities of both parent strains. The well-balanced

and mind-expanding high of Cherry Pie can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. This flexibility, alongside the strain’s tart

and fruity taste, has made it a staple in dispensaries from one side of the country to the other. Pot testing lab Insightful

360 has tried different examples of Cherry Pie blossom and has tracked down reliably elevated degrees of THC, with a

normal of around 20%.

cherry pie og strain indica or sativa

Appearance, Flavor, and Aroma Cherry Pie’s flowers range in size from small to medium and have the bud structure of

other mostly indica strains. The vibrant orange pistils run through the tightly curled leaves, which are tightly packed

together. The majority of the leaves are mossy green, but some phenotypes have purple flashes; This second color is the

result of high concentrations of pigments in the plant’s genes, which were passed down from Grandaddy Purple. These

pigments are responsible for bringing out colors other than green when they are stimulated by cold temperatures during

the growing process. The brilliant buds are covered in clear white trichomes, giving the little nugs a silver sheen and an

extremely resinous surface.

cherry pie og strain sunmed

At the point when Cherry Pie is appropriately restored, a sweet, rich cherry flavor leaps off of the buds, complemented by

a few light natural and botanical notes. When the buds are ground up or broken open, additional sour, hashy notes linger

beneath. At the point when it’s combusted, Cherry Pie radiates a smooth smoke that is effortlessly breathed in and on the

breathe out preferences toasted and biscuity with a sprinkle of sweet organic product. Keep in mind that this strain can be

particularly strong for smokers; those worried about carefulness ought to play it safe.

cherry pie og kush strain

Effects The high from Cherry Pie builds over time, starting as a gradual feeling of relaxation. From the start, smokers

might distinguish a slight tension in their sinuses. Cherry Pie releases tension in the core and limbs over time and makes

it easier to breathe deeply and easily. Users may experience the sensation that any mild, short-term stressors or worries

have vanished. This pleasant sensation can go well with a morning coffee or a cocktail in the evening. This strain’s sativa

side comes out as the high progresses, altering the user’s perceptions.

cherry pie og strain genetics

It’s possible for auditory or visual stimuli to take on a new intensity, making otherwise routine thoughts appear significantly

more interesting. However, it is not necessarily the case that Cherry Pie effectively strays into a suspicious, excessively

cerebral area. The strain’s unwinding indica establishment permits most smokers to drift through the excursion while

empowering inventive and logical work. Cherry Pie is good for both physical and mental activities like video games and

exercise because it works on both. It can also be an effective aphrodisiac when used appropriately.

cherry pie og strain info

For clinical weed patients, Cherry Pie has both mental and physiological applications. It can help those tormented by

uneasiness, discouragement, and PTSD to invest their energy all the more by and by and carefully. People with attention

deficit disorders may also benefit from its unique combination of mental acuity and physical relaxation, allowing them to

focus intensely on a single task. Anything from acute headaches to long-term, disease-related aches and pains can be

eased by anti-inflammatory properties. In enough portions, Cherry Pie’s soothing propensities can likewise assuage sleep



Albeit Cherry Pie’s provenance is dinky and no high-profile reproducers guarantee to have begun the strain, a few makers

have made its seeds ready to move on the web. It tends to be filled in or outside, albeit fruitful open air development

requires a warm, muggy, Mediterranean-like environment with predictable daytime daylight. The plants are short, bushy,

and have numerous lateral branches. Producers might have to occasionally cut back any light-obstructing fan passes on

to boost the development of any low-developing blooming hubs. Those hoping to draw out this strain’s attractive purple

sack allure ought to likewise open the plants to colder-than-normal temperatures during the developing system. Cherry

Pie blossoms inside 8 to 9 weeks when developed inside and is prepared for collect in late October when developed


cherry pie og strain review

With a powerful high that figures out how to leave clients completely useful, Cherry Pie has gotten an easily recognized

name among even half and halves. It’s as pleasant out with companions all things considered on a sluggish night at

home. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain is an even cross breed that radiates a piney, hash-like fragrance and tastes of

flavors with a fruity, cherry feeling. When ready to harvest, its dense, light-green buds with purple and velvety orange

hairs and forest green leaves are on display.

cherry pie og weed strain

Cherry Pie THC levels can be somewhere in the range of 16-18%. Reviewers say that its high is mostly cerebral, giving

users a Cheshire smile that makes them feel better and helps them get through the day. Cherry Pie’s high has been

surveyed to be kind with manners of thinking, so many keep an unmistakable head while encountering expansions in

mind-set. It likewise expanded craving for some. Customers claim that Cherry Pie also provides a body high, alleviating

mild insomnia, allowing muscles to relax, and dulling minor aches. If used correctly, Cherry Pie is a great strain for new

and seasoned cannabis users alike.

The most remarkable sick incidental effects are dry mouth and eyes, with a couple of
revealing a slight flood of unsteadiness that disperses rapidly.

Cherry Pie fills best in Mediterranean environments with a blooming season of eight-nine weeks.

  • Lab Information
  • Cannabinoid Lab Information
  • Cannabinoid Amount
  • THC: 16-18%

CBD: Granddaddy Purple and Durban Poison tend to be 1% Cherry Pie’s forebears. This marijuana strain has nuggets

that are thick, have a lot of orange hairs, and are a little purple. It smells like sweet and sour cherry pie. The impacts have

been perceived to come on in minutes and stick around two or three hours.

When to Gather Cherry Pie ‐ Blooming Time

In 6 to about two months, you can hope to see the Cherry Pie pot strain starting to bloom. The Cherry Pie marijuana strain

is ideal for outdoor cultivation because it produces 3 to 6 ounces per square foot, which is known for its high yields.

Flavor of the Strain When consumed or smoked, the Cherry Pie strain’s flavor is best described as earthy, berry, and


Cherry Pie Strain Therapeutic Advantages and Incidental effects

  • 99.32% of clients revealed feeling loose.
  • 93.55 percent of users expressed happiness.
  • Sixty-four percent of users reported feeling uplifted.
  • 53.82% of users expressed a sense of giggles.
  • 84.32% of users expressed feelings of euphoria.
  • Energizer
  • 79.35% of clients felt elevated after utilization.
  • Pain Reduction 60.54 percent of users reported feeling less pain.
  • Stressed: 99.53% of users said they felt less stressed.
  • 99.38 percent of users reported having dry mouth.
  • Dry Eyes
  • 31.98% of clients revealed dry eyes.
  • 54.6 percent of users reported difficulty sleeping.
  • Headaches: A decrease in headaches was reported by 39.48% of users.
  • Discombobulation
  • 19.69% of clients detailed feeling discombobulation.
  • Headaches were reported by 18.69% of users.
  • Anxiety 16.54 percent of users expressed feelings of anxiety.
Purchasing Cherry Pie Seeds – Which Reproducer to Pick

Not all Cherry Pie Seeds are made equivalent, and the hereditary qualities can rely vigorously upon the raiser. You can

find a list of Cherry Pie seed breeders below to help you choose the best one for you.

Cherry Pie by Cookie Fam Genetics Cherry Pie by Cookie Fam Genetics The plant’s primary hues are dark purple, forest

green, and maroon. It has beautiful colors. It produces astounding wonderful fragrances with notes of cherry pie during

blossoming. The smoke has a calming, uplifting effect as well as flavors of sweet berries.

cherry pie og strain

How to Breed Cherry Pie Seeds Below is a list of the strains that inspired the medicinal properties and effects of the

Cherry Pie cannabis strain as well as its parents and predecessors. It was through the rearing of these strains which

prompted the development of Cherry Pie cannabis seeds, while endeavoring to develop their joined impacts and remedial

properties. To raise your own Cherry Pie seeds, you would have to develop a combination of the accompanying strains:

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