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mac 1 strain

mac 1 strain


mac 1 strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% – 23%


mac 1 strain

mac 1 strain, otherwise called “Miracle Alien Cookies.” Is an equally adjusted half breed strain (half indica/half sativa)

made as a backcross of the notorious mac 1 strain. This big name kid takes the cherished impacts of mac 1 strain and

amps it up an indent to an unheard of level, with a very lifted feeling that will make them fly increasingly high the more that

you toke.”

mac 1 weed strain


The high beginnings in the head with a surging elation that fills your brain with a far reaching joy, tenderly backing away

negative or dashing contemplations and supplanting them with imaginative inspiration and generally good satisfaction. A

loosening up body high goes with this cerebral lift, keeping you fastened to the world beneath as your psyche takes off

increasingly high into space.

mac-1 strain

In blend with its really high 20-23% typical THC level, these weighty impacts make mac 1 strain ideal for treating those

experiencing conditions, for example, persistent agony, mind-set swings, constant weariness, despondency and ongoing

pressure. This bud has an exemplary harsh diesel flavor with a zesty natural suggestion that is emphasized by sweet

citrus. The fragrance is basically the same, in spite of the fact that with a weighty impactful hint that waits long after your

last toke. mac 1 strain buds have adjusted fleecy dim olive green nugs with rich purple hints, flimsy orange hairs and a

covering of little white gem trichomes.

mac 1 strain indica or sativa

mac 1 strain is an impeccably adjusted half breed weed strain with a 50:50 sativa to indica ratio12. It is otherwise called

“The Macintosh” and “Marvel Outsider Treats #1″2. The strain was reproduced by Capulator when they made the

painstakingly chosen the exceptional blend of Outsider Treats F2 and Supernatural occurrence 152. It is a powerful strain

with a typical THC level of around 21% and is generally ordinarily utilized for its elevating and empowering effects1.


Imaginative, Happiness, Blissful, Inspiration, Unwinding, ElevatingMay Assuage

Persistent Torment, Melancholy, Weariness, Stress


Diesel, Home grown, Harsh, Sweet


Diesel, Home grown, Impactful, Harsh, Hot

mac 1 strain

Wonder Outsider Treats, or Macintosh 1 for short, is an even however staggeringly strong mixture. Bragging a THC

content up to 30%, this strain isn’t for the cowardly.

Developing data mac 1 strain

The blooming time frame is around 9-10 weeks inside and early October outside.

You might have gone over this strain on the web or at your nearby dispensary recorded as either mac 1 strain or “The

mac 1 strain is a shortened form of Wonder Outsider Treats, which is a mixture of its two parent strain’s names, Outsider

Treats and Marvel 15.

In this extensive strain audit, we will let you know all that you really want to be aware of this cross breed, so read on to get

more familiar with the Macintosh 1 strain.

What Is the mac 1 strain?

mac 1 strain is an impeccably adjusted cross breed maryjane strain with a 50:50 sativa to indica proportion. It is an

intense strain with a typical THC level of around 21% and is generally usually utilized for its elevating and invigorating


A few sporting smokers depict Macintosh 1 as a superb wake and heat strain that is great for shaking off early morning

lethargy. Be that as it may, the impacts mac 1 strain clients experience change contingent upon the sum they consume at

a time. In low portions, the mac 1 strain can impart a sensation of unwinding in its last option stages. In any case, the

people who overconsume, or purposefully consume a higher portion, may encounter weighty sedation after the underlying

elevating high has disseminated.

mac 1 strain Fragrance, Flavor, and Appearance


mac 1 strain has an unmistakable and sharp smell. The smell is a combination of a solid diesel fragrance with milder

botanical and citrusy notes. Some say that the smell can wait for quite a long time subsequent to smoking this strain.


mac 1 strain tastes really diverse profile that joins citrusy lemon and orange with diesel and cheddar, with traces of pepper

and botanical notes tossed in just in case.


An experienced mac 1 strain plant has a tall and dainty sativa-like appearance. The nugs are thick, and the plant creates

a liberal covering of overcast, smooth white trichomes come collect time. Macintosh 1’s perfect purple tints and lively

green make it a really lovely plant to view.

mac 1 strain Strain Develop Data

Getting your hands on mac 1 strain seeds will be incredibly troublesome as Capulator has restricted the stockpile to

protect the standing and nature of one of his unique strains.

In the event that you can source a seeds or a slicing to grow a clone, you are in for a difficult time frame, as most portray

mac 1 strain as a sluggish and troublesome plant to develop.

mac #1 strain

As a mac 1 plant is thin and tall, experienced producers suggest using the Ocean of Green (SOG) technique for

best outcomes. The SOG strategy permits producers to pack many plants near one another while keeping an even shade

and diminishing the reaping time.

You can likewise utilize a more direct technique, like garnish, to keep the plants more limited and bushier and to empower

the improvement of additional growing destinations. Beating, nonetheless, is a high-stress preparing procedure, and the

plants should be given opportunity to recuperate subsequently. Normally, this expands the length of the development

cycle and postpones the reaping time.

mac 1 strain effects

mac 1 will fill best in supplement rich soil. On the off chance that developing your yield inside, you will require a lot

of vertical space as these plants can arrive at up to five feet. The blossoming time frame is extensive, regularly 9-10

weeks, and the indoor yields are generally humble at 6-8 ounces for each square meter.

Outside, when filled in warm and radiant circumstances in supplement rich soil, mac 1 strain plants can arrive at up to

eight feet. mac 1 strain plants are generally prepared for gathering by early October. The outside yields are somewhat

more liberal at 10 ounces for every plant.

THC Content – Most elevated Test

mac 1 THC content can fluctuate a lot. By and large, this half and half has a THC scope of between 19-23%. Be

that as it may, supposedly, a few examples have contained up to a staggering 30% THC.

Considering this expansive reach, the mac 1 strain is unacceptable for beginner weed shoppers or those with a low THC


CBD Content – Most elevated Test

While the specific CBD content of the mac 1 strain is obscure, this crossover is said to contain a very low measure of

cannabidiol. Most say that it contains fundamentally under 1% CBD, maybe, as little as a small portion of one percent.

mac 1 strain Ancestry

As referenced above, mac 1 is a cross of Outsider Treats and Wonder 15 – a cross of Starfighter x Colombian.

Outsider Treats is plunged from the exemplary marijuana strain GSC, also called Young lady Scout Treats.

As it turns out, the Marvel 15 strain got its name as it was the only one of 15 plants that made due after pot raiser

Capulator had unintentionally put the seeds used to develop them through the wash.

As indicated by Capulator, the inspiration to cross Wonder 15 with Outsider Treats was because of the last option’s

sluggish development cycle and unfortunate yields because of its powerlessness to extend during the blossoming stage.

Health advantages of the mac 1 strain

The most predominant terpene in the mac 1  is limonene. Research shows that limonene has a wide range of

properties that are valuable to wellbeing, including mitigating and cell reinforcement impacts.

The reasons restorative mac 1 buyers set forward for utilizing this strain are expansive. A utilization the Macintosh 1

strain to address irritation and agony, while others say that this crossover’s state of mind upgrading impacts can ease

pressure and nervousness.

In its underlying stages and in lower portions, mac 1 strain can give a transient jolt of energy, which is the reason some

consume this strain to battle persistent weakness.

Conceivable Symptoms of the mac 1 strain

Considering that the mac 1 strain can contain up to 30% THC, some might encounter unfriendly responses like

discombobulation, neurosis, and nervousness if they overconsume.

Some might encounter weighty sedation and tiredness in higher portions as this half breed’s body-desensitizing impacts

grab hold. In this manner, it is really smart to go low and slow with mac 1 assuming that you choose to attempt it.

Last Contemplations on the mac 1 strain

mac 1 strain by weed raiser Capulator offers a large number of the advantages of its parent strain Outsider Treats.

Cultivators will see the contrast between the two, most strikinglymac 1 strain more limited development cycle, a more

prominent stretch during blossoming, and higher in general yields.

One significant part of the mac 1 strain to note is that it can contain up to 30% THC. Hence, pot beginners or those with a

low THC resilience ought to select a less strong strain than mac 1 strain.


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