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black cherry og strain

black cherry og strain


Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% – 18%

black cherry og strain


black cherry og strain

black cherry og strain, additionally referred to all the more generally as basically “Blackcherry” to the greater part of the

pot local area, is an indica predominant cross breed strain. Although its genetics are closely guarded, it is known to be a

cross between an unknown Grand Daddy Purple strain and Ken’s OG.

This bud’s THC level has never been tested, but it is generally agreed that it is moderate, somewhere between 12 and 18

percent. Clients portray the black cherry og strain high as one that is unquestionably loose at the beginning, leaving you

inspired, blissful, and marginally sluggish. After this, a potent sedation with a lot of force and couchlock leave you

completely relaxed and give you a few munchies before lulling you into a deep sleep.

black cherry strain

Because of these powerful impacts, black cherry og strain is supposed to be an optimal strain for treating patients

experiencing condition, for example, ongoing agony because of injury or ailment, sleep deprivation, persistent pressure,

or gentle instances of wretchedness. The black cherry og strain taste like sweet berry tea with a hint of blueberry spice

and have an aroma of sweet and spicy berries. These buds have long, thick pepper-formed timberland green nugs with

patches of minty green and a splashing of dazzling orange hairs and trichomes.


Unwinding, Inspiring

May Ease

Constant Agony, Misery, Sleep deprivation, Loss of Hunger, Stress


Berry, Hot, Sweet, Tea


Natural, Sweet

black cherry og strain, otherwise called “Dark Cherry” and “Dark Cherry OG Kush,” is an indica weed strain reproduced

by Excellent Daddy Purple that joins Ken’s OG with an obscure Granddaddy Purple crossover. Thick buds take on an

extreme purple shade toward the finish of Dark Cherry OG’s development and foster a lovely smell like fruity tea. Full-

body effects of relaxation take over, alleviating pain and insomnia while also improving mood.

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