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Origin: Alabama, with Mexican Lineage
DOnset Time: 30-60 mins
EDuration: 4-6 hrs
Strength: Advanced Spiritual Strength


Mushroom (Cubensis Mazatapec Mexicana) is one of the first Psilocybin Mushrooms

mazatapec magic mushrooms, acquainted with the Western world alongside P. Cubensis Huatla.

This terrified and otherworldly mushroom strain was first picked from the Mazatapec, a region few hours south of Mexico City, Mexico.

These shrooms were first utilized by the Mazatec native individuals.

The Mazatec have a long practice of involving sorcery mushrooms for their profound recuperating.

APPEARANCE: mazatapec mushrooms

The Mazatapec strain is probable the strain Maria Sabina initially imparted to the acclaimed American ethnomycologist and investor R. Gordon Wasson.

This strain can be viewed as one of the first strains which motivated the western world to investigate the otherworldly and enchanted recuperating properties of sorcery mushrooms.

mazatapec mushrooms wiki

The Mazatapec strain is described by light to dull earthy colored covers and medium stem. They are known to be a delayed in colonization and fruiting. Expect a profound understanding of VOL and the universe as well as a very spiritual experience. Our staff revealed sentiments h and rapture during their profound SE 5. This strain can be delighted in by begin also, veterans.

EFFECTS: mazatapec mushroom strain

Like every single wizardry mushroom, Mazatapec Cubensis normally foster a particle called psilocybin.

This compound can cause hallucinogenic excursions in people, which might appear in more than one way like changed impression of time, yawning, visual fantasies, and close to home rapture.

These impacts might endure somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 hours, setting in following 45 minutes or SO.

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Following 10-40 minutes of consuming Mazatapec wizardry mushrooms you will feel your temperament improved with elation and fervor.

You will experience mild to severe visual enhancements, depending on the dosage.

Things might appear as though they are breathing, the nature around you will feel more invigorated and you will regard yourself as in reflective naturally suspected.

Music and workmanship will look and feel changed, and you will have a higher appreciation and you might relate the music or craftsmanship to yourself on a more private level. You should be able to go to the museum in 3-6 hours with the most common dose (0.5-1.5g) and moderate dose (2.5-3.5g).

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