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dark matter strain

dark matter strain


dark matter strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22% – 25%


dark matter strain

dark matter strain, is a hybrid weed strain that is the result of a genetic cross between Rusty Haze and Cherry

Thunderfuck. Due to its 2 percent CBG and 23 percent THC content, Dark Matter is an excellent option for seasoned

cannabis users. Our clients report feeling relaxed, tingly, and uplifted after using Dark Matter. When dealing with

symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, medical marijuana patients frequently select Dark Matter. Reproduced by

Realm Natural, Dull Matter elements flavors like sage, tobacco, and substance. Myrcene is this strain’s most prominent

terpene. The typical cost of Dull Matter normally goes from $10-$60. In the event that you’ve smoked, spotted, or

consumed Dull Matter, educate us regarding your experience by leaving a strain survey.

dark matter weed strain

Dull Matter is an uncommon uniformly adjusted mixture strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the notorious

Cherry Thunderfuck X Corroded Fog strains. Known for its weighty high and madly delectable flavor, Dim Matter is an

optimal pick for any crossover sweetheart. The first effect of the Dark Matter high is a buzzing sensation that suddenly

spreads throughout your brain. Despite being completely happy about it, you feel tingly and unfocused. Your physical

state will be swept away by a sense of peace, lulling you into a state of pure calm and ease that permeates your mind and

body. With these impacts and its high 22-25% typical THC level, Dull Matter is much of the time decided to treat those

experiencing conditions like a sleeping disorder, melancholy, ongoing pressure or nervousness and constant agony. The

flavor of this bud is extremely delicious and sweet cherry, and the exhale is floral and slightly spicy. As the nugs are

broken up and burned, the aroma changes to something spicy, with notes of sweet berries and flowery spices. Dark

Matter buds are forest green, hard and super sticky, with a lot of thin orange hairs and a coating of deep amber crystal

trichomes that look almost black in the right light. The nugs also have the shape of grapes.

dark matter strain info

Berry, Cherry, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet Aromas Berry, Earthy, Flowery, Herbal, Spicy Based in Oregon, the team at

Kingdom Organic Seeds has developed a fan favorite that is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. Effects

Calming, Relaxing, and Uplifting May Relieve Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, and Stress Flavors Berry,

Earthy, Flowery, Herbal, Spicy Cherry Thunder Fuck and Rusty Haze were crossed to create Dark Matter, a balanced

hybrid. This plant is sure to please, with her excellent flavor and rumored high yields when grown at home.

When it comes to potency, Dark Matter consistently measures between 22 and 25 percent THC. Her nugs have a dense,

hard structure, a deep green color, thin orange pistils, and amber trichomes that appear black under certain lighting

conditions. They are a smoker’s dream come true. Exquisite, sweet, and hot all met up in Dull Matter with flavors and

smells that incorporate cherries, spices, blossoms, wood, and zest. Because she is so delicious, most people find this

strain to be very well-rounded and have to avoid overdoing it.

dark matter og strain

The individuals who are searching for a strain to help them center or be useful won’t find any such thing here, as Dull

Matter has been portrayed as calming and stoney. Most who attempt this lady say that their high starts with a sensation of

elation that hums through your mind, assisting you with feeling loose and shivery from head to toe. This bliss can

frequently move into a sensation of genuine harmony and could leave you beyond happy for a few hours. If those with

lower tolerance aren’t careful, they might fall asleep, so get a pillow and a blanket before you go.

Dark Matter, like many other hybrid strains, is well-known for its effectiveness in medical treatment. Positive energy can

be abundant, so those who are unable to shake the thoughts of despair that accompany depression and anxiety may find

some solace here. Physical pain, such as cramps, migraines, or even muscle aches, can often be alleviated as well. Even

though Dark Matter isn’t supposed to help people sleep, some people find that if they smoke enough of it, they can sleep


dark cherry matter strain

Realm Natural Seeds loves to share and makes seeds of Dim Matter ready to move straightforwardly on their site. It is

stated that this strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, and if you decide to grow her indoors, you will know precisely

what photoperiods to use to get the best results. If you grow indoors, the plants will be ready after 10 weeks, or in the first

half of October if you grow outdoors, and you should get a very large harvest from either method. Dark Matter is highly

recommended by Kingdom Organic Seeds for newer cultivators.

Dark Matter is the strain for you if you want something that has it all. Her effects are said to be ideal for a lazy afternoon or

evening of relaxation, and her flavors and aromas are enjoyable and complex. Dark Matter is a great buddy to share with

friends, even if you don’t feel like socializing much while high.

Kingdom Organic Seeds’ talented breeders have brought the Dark Matter weed strain to life. Cherry Thunderfuck and

Rusty Haze F1 are the strain’s parents. This is a 50/50 hybrid that is ideal for seasoned smokers who enjoy cannabis’s

strong effects. THC levels can reach 22%, which is quite high. As a result, novice marijuana smokers should hold off or

exercise extreme caution.

dark matter cannabis strain

Aroma and Taste of the Dark Matter Strain According to customers, the Dark Matter cannabis strain is very tasty and

sweet. Myrcene lends a dash of herbal and spicy notes, while carene provides a delicate floral scent. Ocimene, thus,

gives a charming berry flavor that will speak to admirers of sweet strains. Also, smokers frequently praise the pleasant

peach exhale.

Common Effects of the Dark Matter Strain It perfectly combines the effects of the Sativa and Indica. Albeit many note the

power of Sativa. The high comes on rapidly and is extremely weighty, so you ought to smoke gradually and trust that the

impacts will happen. Incidental effects might include:

Happiness, tingles, giggles, euphoria, talkativeness, and the following side effects may occur if you don’t follow the

guidelines and smoke marijuana too quickly:

 dark matter strain review

Slurred speech, dry eyes, and hunger The Dark Matter strain has both recreational and medical properties that can assist

patients with a variety of health issues. These conditions can be alleviated with moderate smoking:

Growing Information for Anxiety, Stress, Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis You can also easily grow these buds on your

own. This variety’s bushes can thrive indoors as well as outdoors. After germination, the flowering period lasts from 63 to

73 days, and the harvest occurs 79 days later. The yield will range from 0.5 to 1 oz per square foot when grown indoors,

and from 1 to 2 oz per plant when grown outdoors.

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