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cookie and cream strain

cookie and cream strain


cookie and cream strain

Hybrid – 40% Sativa /60% Indica

THC: 26%


cookie and cream strain

cookie and cream strain, Very much like the name, is a pervasive weed strain for its tasty flavor and stalwart impacts. The

strain has a flavor that is earthy, nutty, sweet vanilla, and topped with creamy butter. It gives a charming fragrance of

vanilla beans when you illuminate it. It became immediately popular after winning the Denver Cannabis Cup for the Best

Hybrid in 2014.

What is the cookie and cream strain?

cookie and cream strain is a fair crossover marijuana strain with an equivalent proportion of Indica and Sativa (50%:50%).

It is a crossbreed of the well-known Starfighter F2 strain and a phenotype from Girl Scout Cookies that has not been

disclosed. The buds have the state of cushioned popcorn, and the nugs are overgrown green with dull purple connotation,

red hot orange hairs, and weighty coatings of clear precious stone trichomes.

Foundation and Heredity

cookie and cream strain were at first evolved and developed by the reproducers at Fascinating Genetix situated in

Tacoma, Washington. They were crowned Best Seed Company and Breeder of the Year at the Cannabis Cups, among

other accolades.

cookie and cream strain follows its genealogy from two well known strains. One is the Starfighter F2, which is well-liked

due to its uplifting title. The other is an unidentified phenotype of the Girl Scout Cookies strain that is famous for its

phenomenal mental high. The reproducers consolidated these two strains and had the option to make a decent half breed

that preferences and scents great as well as accompanies a strong kick that gives a reasonable high.

Sorts of High/Impact

What makes Treats and Cream so special among huge number of other marijuana strains?

Customers say that it gives them a happy, euphoric, and upbeat feeling. The high from this strain is gradual. From the

beginning, you will begin feeling dazed and tipsy then feel completely loose. You start to feel happy and energetic, but not

to the point of being psychedelic, as the mental high continues to get stronger. It provides a well-balanced mental and

physical high.

Your body is calmed down by the sedative effect of its Indica counterpart, so you won’t feel groggy or stuck on the couch.

The strain is one of the best hybrids in the world because of its balanced highs.

In the event that you are searching a relaxed, loosened up experience, cookie and cream strain offers a charming,

elevating high with a lot of quieting sensations, without feeling lethargic.

Therapeutic Advantages of cookie and cream strain

The restorative characteristics of cookie and cream strain give dependable help to individuals with conditions like constant

pressure, queasiness, muscle fits, and sadness. It is up for debate whether smoking this strain can make people feel

more anxious. However, the survey reveals that approximately 26% of consumers claimed that it alleviates anxiety.

Therefore, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, start with a small dose and observe the results.

The decent high of cookie and cream strain is quieting and can assist you with unwinding. It contains a reasonable

amount of THC, which can alleviate mild pains and aches and relieve body tension. Contingent upon the sum you take, it

could likewise leave you feeling tired. It gives you more energy in smaller doses, but if you take too much, you might start

to feel sleepy.

cookie and cream strain

Generally speaking, the restorative advantages of cookie and cream strain are precisely exact thing you would anticipate

that they should be. Since the strain is all about having fun, relaxing, and tasting good, it makes sense that its primary

medicinal effects would be to improve your mental health.

Adverse consequences

Like any remaining marijuana strains, there are a few possible outcomes or results of cookie and cream strain too.

Despite the fact that dry mouth is fairly common, particularly among potent hybrid strains, cookie and cream strain gives

the client a really extreme dry mouth that could leave you puckering your lips more than you would need to. Red eyes,

and a relentless snugness around the eyes, wooziness are ordinarily detailed as unfavorable secondary effects.

Due to high-THC, a few clients might feel uneasiness and distrustfulness because of taking cookie and cream strain.

Therefore, take it slowly and refrain from smoking more than you normally would.

Developing cookie and cream strain

It is a troublesome and fickle strain to develop, and there isn’t much of data accessible. Growing your own marijuana can

be enjoyable at times. However, purchasing cookies and cream on your own is simply easier.

On the off chance that you actually wish to try it out, you can purchase the seeds from the first makers of the resist

Extraordinary Genetix.

Although they can be grown outdoors, cookie and cream strain do better indoors. They produce a respectable quantity

and respond well to hydroponics and soil. It is an extremely high support strain. It necessitates strict temperature control

and a regular feeding schedule. Because of its Mediterranean foundation, the strain needs wet, predictable warm climate,

ordinarily in the 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit reach.

cookies and cream strain effects

When grown indoors, the plants can grow up to 5 feet. Cookies and Cream, like many temperamental home-grown

strains, need careful pruning, especially if they get too tall. To encourage lower nodes to produce maximum yield, you will

need to trim the top frequently so that the leaves do not obscure light.

Nonetheless, the plants become before long. They have a short blossoming time. They require approximately two months

to develop and start creating buds.

You will enjoy a large harvest as long as you keep up with the pruning schedule, maintain temperature control, and

monitor moisture levels for the Cookies and Cream strain.

Exotic Genetix developed yet another hybrid cannabis strain, Cookies and Cream. Starfighter and a GSC phenotype are

combined in this one. The Treats and Cream strain has a moderate THC content of 20%, making it more fit to

experienced smokers. This pot won the Denver Pot Cup of 2014 in the cross breed classification.

Because the effects of this cannabis end in deep sleep, it’s best taken at night when you want to sleep. Caryophyllene,

the main terpene, is one reason it smells so sweet.

cookies and cream strain indica or sativa

The Cookies and Cream strain of cannabis has a sweet and a little sour flavor to both its aroma and taste. The smoke has

a creamy flavor and the buds smell like sweet vanilla. The aroma also contains some woody and flowery notes. This

particular weed has a very strong scent. Its oil or wax can likewise be utilized in edibles. These solid flavor blends are

made by the accompanying terpenes:

The Cookies and Cream weed strain is known to induce a deep sense of relaxation in users. Caryophyllene Bisabolol

Phellandrene Carene Effects and Medical Uses The effects begin by elevating one’s mood and eliciting feelings of joy and

happiness. These then leisurely lead to lounge chair lock and drowsiness. The majority of experiences conclude with

restful and heavy sleep.

what strain is cookies and cream

In light of serious areas of strength for these impacts, Treats and Cream can be utilized by individuals experiencing a

sleeping disorder, stress, tension, and constant torment. Additionally, it may cause hunger and eye dryness as side


Information on Growing This plant’s seeds can be purchased online fairly easily. It is easy to grow and can be planted

both indoors and outdoors. The yield is low, and the height can reach more than 90 inches, so you need a lot of room.

The beneficial thing about cookie and cream strain is that you can prepare the buds in only 49 to 56 days.

History and Hereditary qualities

cookie and cream strain (or Treats N’ Cream) is a smooth and sweet-tasting crossover that offers a dependable and

adjusted high. This strain was developed by breeders Exotic Genetix and is a cross between two hybrids: pungent

Starfighter and an unidentified phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies are two examples.

A balanced strain that won’t leave you either too sofa locked or too jumpy to even consider working, cookie and cream

strain is an extraordinary choice for any season of day. As long as smokers are relaxed and maintain a positive outlook, it

is enjoyable both in social and solo settings. Cookies and Cream is probably not the best flower to smoke if you need to

be motivated to complete your to-do list, even though it might make you think creatively. Instead, make use of it to

improve a long, aimless walk or a session of binge-watching.

In spite of the fact that cookie and cream strain can incline sativa or indica relying upon the pheno, it gives an optimal

blend of both cerebral and actual impacts. In the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best U.S. Hybrid, this flavorful flower

won First Place. Analytics 360, a cannabis laboratory, has consistently found that Cookies and Cream flowers contain

between 20% and 25% THC.

cookies and cream marijuana strain

The Cookies and Cream aroma, flavor, and appearance buds are usually small to medium in size and don’t stick together

in big, chunky clusters. At the point when appropriately relieved, the blossoms seem medium to dim green, and yellow

pistils are strung all through the thickly stuffed leaves. The flowers are dotted with icy white trichomes, making the buds a

little bit sticky but still easy to break apart. The name Cookies and Cream suggests a flavor profile similar to that of a

dessert, and these flowers don’t disappoint with a sweet scent that hints at vanilla.

There’s likewise a smidgen of harshness that might help smoke devotees to remember staple strain Cheddar. This variety

burns quickly and produces a very smooth smoke. On the inhale, consumers may notice a creamy mouthfeel. Treats and

Cream leaves a nutty, toasted flavor when breathed out. Parent strain Starfighter likewise confers some waiting

skunkiness, so any smokers attempting to maintain their utilization mystery ought to avoid potential risk.

purple cookies and cream strain

The effects of this strain are gradual, beginning with dizziness and lightheadedness and progressing to relaxation of the

entire body. While they relish cookie and cream strain taste, clients might start to see tension around the sanctuaries. As

opposed to scientific and serious, the psychological impacts of this strain appear to have more to do with temperament. In

addition to intensified sensory perception, euphoria may emerge. These hallucinogenic sensations are matched by a

profundity in the head and appendages which, while perhaps not thoroughly debilitating, leaves smokers feeling to some

degree languid.

In this case, complete relaxation is the goal, with a dreamlike mental stimulation to go along with it. Due to its semi-

narcotic effects, Cookies and Cream is an excellent medical strain for a variety of physical ailments. Even relatively low

doses can alleviate aches, pains, and soreness. In bigger dosages, this bloom can likewise battle sleep deprivation,

hushing clients into a profound, weighty rest.


cookie and cream strain is ordinarily a troublesome, unpredictable strain to develop and isn’t suggested for first-time

cultivators. Fortunately, breeders Exotic Genetix have made seeds of Cookies and Cream available for purchase, despite

the fact that it is a lesser-known variety and clones may be difficult to come by.

This plant can be grown successfully indoors or outdoors; however, outdoor cultivation requires daytime temperatures

between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit in warm, semi-humid Mediterranean climates. Developed inside, plants arrive at

medium level; If the branches of any taller phenotypes are bent and pruned early in the vegetative stage, they can be

trained to fit within their grow space. Producers ought to likewise top their plants by managing and managing any light-

impeding fan passes on to urge lower hubs to give greatest yield. Treats and Cream has an exceptionally short

blossoming time – developed inside, plants are prepared for reap inside 8 to 9 weeks.

cookies and cream cannabis strain

Cookies and Cream is a hybrid strain that is 60 percent indica and 40 percent sativa. It was created by crossing the

phenotypes of Starfighter and Unknown Girl Scout Cookies. Due to its mouthwatering flavor and potent hybrid effects, this

tasty bud won the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup for Best Hybrid. The Treats and Cream flavor is actually similar to the

name proposes, with tastes of sweet vanilla and nutty earth finished off with rich margarine. As the nugs are burned, the

aroma is just as delicious, with vanilla and a hint of sweet, nutty earth. This bud has feathery popcorn-formed dim green

nugs with dim purple feelings, blazing orange hairs, and a cold covering of clear precious stone trichomes. The Cookies

and Cream high is ideal for hybrid enthusiasts due to its sweet, long-lasting effects. The high beginnings with a blissful

head lift that is both euphoric and innovative with a slight feeling of energy. This is joined by a loosening up sluggish

impact that leaves you shocked and willfully ignorant of any aggravation or anything occurring around you. These impacts

combined with its madly strong 26% typical THC level make Treats and Cream ideal for treating conditions like constant

pressure or tension, sickness, sleep deprivation, muscle fits, and melancholy.

cookies and cream strain effects

include creativity, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and upliftment. It may also help with ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, depression, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, nausea, PTSD, and stress. Flavors include nutty, sweet, and vanilla. Aromas include candy, earthy, smoky, and sweet. Its hereditary qualities come from the scandalous GSC, hence placing it at the center of attention as strong in its belongings, appearance, taste, and smell. Because of these qualities, it won the hybrid 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, and cannabis connoisseurs sought it out due to its reputation.

Cookies and Cream’s nugs are a mossy green with purple and amber pistils, making them lighter than their parent strains. The buds are frequently dense and shaped like spades, and the layer of trichomes makes it appear even lighter.

Users claim that overindulging can cause an increase in anxiety, and THC levels have been known to reach the mid- to high-twenties.

However, consumers have been reported to experience relief from stress and anxiety, aches and pains, headaches, and even depression when taken in moderation. Due to its hybrid nature, consumers claim that it can both relax the body and stimulate the brain, triggering creativity frequently. They inform us that taking this strain during the day is preferable to taking it at night because it does have the potential to cause lethargy.

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